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Why choose XcelerateCFO
as your CFO advisory service?

XcelerateCFO is a forward-thinking financial advisory service,

with extensive experience in the accounting, marketing and tech sectors. 

Armed with deep industry expertise, our mission is to empower ambitious tech and ecommerce startups with expert financial guidance, strategic insights and data-driven decision-making, enabling you to secure investments, accelerate growth and realize your vision.


We live at the bleeding edge of the ever-evolving technology landscape, constantly searching to bring best-in-class solutions to our clients. Our CFO advisory services seamlessly integrate AI-driven tools to deliver real-time financial insights that inform inspired business decisions.


We specialize exclusively in tailored CFO consulting for global ecommerce and tech companies. It’s our passion and our area of expertise. We understand the unique capital and cash flow needs of companies breaking into the tech and ecommerce sectors, and we’re constantly seeking ways to add value and keep you ahead of your game so you can crush your market.

Virtual. And human.

Our CFO advisory services may be virtual, but our CFO consultants are all irrepressibly human. They combine decades of real-life financial advisory experience at the highest levels, and they care passionately about helping innovative and ambitious disruptors to succeed.